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Sunday, March 18, 2018


The NEW CORNET ED88TPLUS is now sold on our store site for US$179.9 including world wide delivery. It is a great home use meter that can measure Radio Frequencies, ELF magnetic and electric fields. It is very easy to operate, has a micro USB connection for future use, has a detailed LCD display and voice feedback.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

A TV article about EHS in Israel CH11 - 10/03/2018

A TV article about EHS was aired tonight (10/03/2018) on Israel CH11 (channel 1). In this report, 2 EHS people (Tamar Arieli Levy, מני בן אריה) that learned to coop with EHS, by knowledge, measurement, exposure reduction and protection, were interviewed, along side with M.D Yael Stein that studies the subject of EHS, and the head of the radiation and noise department in the ministry of environment protection Prof' Stealian gelberg. On the "No Health effect" side, prof' Eitan Freedman was interviewed (and was a little bit softer this time).

Thanks for the team of Ch11, thanks for Tamr and Meni, thanks for M.D Yael Stain and all that helped to do this report. Link to the video (in Hebrew) -